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symbolic meaning of funeral flowers

Losing a loved one is always difficult. Sometimes you want to tell the deceased how you truly felt about them. Though, that is not possible, you can express your feelings through the funeral flowers you select. Keep reading to find out the meaning behind the popular funeral flowers so you can express your feelings appropriately.


Lilies symbolize innocence and purity of the soul. That is why they were traditionally used in funerals. White Lilies are the preferred choice for funerals, out of all the colors available in the Lilies.


The gladioli represent great integrity and character. Gladioli symbolizes strength, strong moral values and sincerity. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to pay your respects.


Carnations are often used to create funeral wreaths because they are affordable and have great symbolic meanings. Red carnations are used to show affection, white carnations to show innocence and rebirth. Pink carnations can be sent to people who believe that the Virgin Mary created carnations with her tears, when Jesus was crucified.


Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular funeral flowers throughout the world. Chrysanthemums can symbolize death and grief or a symbol of truth. These are used with other popular flowers to convey condolences.


White, Red, Yellow, dark pink roses can be used as funeral flowers. White roses symbolize innocence and purity of the soul. Red roses symbolize love and grief. Yellow roses are for friendship, you can send them if the person who passed away, was a close friend. If you want to show your gratitude for everything the deceased has done for you, you can send dark pink flowers.


Orchid plant symbolizes your everlasting love for the deceased. White or pink orchids symbolize sympathy. You can gift an orchid potted plant to express your condolences which will convey that the memories of the deceased will live on like the plant.

Daffodils and Tulips

Daffodils and Tulips are spring flowers and they often represent renewal and new beginnings. Sending an arrangement with daffodils or tulips is like sending a card with the words of encouragement. It tells them that the difficult time will pass, and they will see happiness again.


Violets symbolize an early death. It is appropriate to send violets as the funeral flowers when a loved one has passed away unexpectedly at a young age.


When you want to convey a sense of deep sorrow and longing for the person who has passed away, you can send Hyacinth as funeral flowers.

Forget Me Nots

If you would like to tell the deceased that they will always live on in your memories forever, you can choose forget-me-nots as funeral flowers.


Camellia symbolizes perfection, refinement, and excellence, so it is ideal for funerals of those you admired or truly respected.


White magnolias represent dignity and perseverance and are usually seen in the southern United States, so you may not see them at funerals in other regions of the country.


Hibiscus flowers are feminine and are of vibrant colors. They are often used at funerals for a beloved mother, sister, daughter, or wife. They symbolize femininity, a quiet strength, and a delicate beauty.

You can choose a flower arrangement that is appropriate for the relationship you had with the deceasedto express what’s in your heart and say a final farewell to a loved one.

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