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Hanaflorists Difference

Best value for money
  • We transfer the 100% of the order value to the florist. We do not charge any commissions. The florist delivers bigger better flower arrangements.
  • On the other hand, the flower order gatherers and wire services charge the florist a commission of anywhere between 30-40 %. The customer gets only 60% worth of his money, remaining is lost in commissions.

Connect between the florist and the customer
  • We connect the customer with the real florist, so the customer knows which florist is going to deliver. The florist knows the full customer details, so it is in his business interest to deliver the best flowers on time.
  • Flower order gatherers and wire services do not tell the customer about the florist who is going to deliver.

Customer details
  • When orders are placed with us, we transmit the order with the total customer details to the local florist.
  • Flower order gatherer websites do not share the customer details with the florist, so there is no customer acquisition. The florist is always dependent on the order gatherer websites for the orders.

  • The local florists decide the prices and offers considering the individual shop overheads and regional costs. This results in better prices across the board.
  • On the other hand, the other “order gathering” services and organizations, where prices are set by the central organization, without reference to the individual florists, and are applied throughout a country without considering the individual shop overheads and regional costs.

Unique Designs
  • The local florist uses his creativity and professional experience to create unique designs. The florist is an expert on the availability of seasonal flowers and their best use. The customer gets a more professionally designed bouquets which can stay fresh for a longer period.
  • Order gatherers lack flower knowledge and their designs do not consider seasonal flowers and their best use. Their designs are uniform for any florist. The customer does not get a designer floral arrangement, but a very mechanical kind of designs.

  • We connect the customer with the local florist, so the customer knows exactly which florist will be handling the order. Also, for customer acquisition the florist will deliver only his best. We also take the responsibility for ever order placed with us, customer always gets the best service.
  • Order gatherers take orders centrally and pass it on a florist, the recipients only know the florist when the flowers are delivered. Since the florist has no say in the design or the pricing, he delivers it reluctantly. The responsibility is passed

Product Pictures
  • Real pictures of the bouquets designed by the florists. You receive what you order.
  • Pictorial representations only, the local florist makes his own version of the order sent to him depending on the availability of the flowers. So, what you see in the pictures may not be same as what you receive.

Neighborhood Flower Delivery areas :

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