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Party Decorating with Flowers

Flowers are a great way to get the party started. Flowers are a great conversation starter, they can become the theme of the party and set the tone of the event.

You can take the help of a local florist to decorate your party or do it yourself with little creativity and our easy tips listed below.

Tap the power of flowers with these party-specific ideas:

Baby showers

You can consider placing vases of flowers amid bottles, blocks and stuffed animals. You can choose the traditional blues and pinks or yellow purple or greens for a new look. Baby’s breath can be used as the dominant flower rather than a filler.

St. Patrick's Day party

Choose one or two flower varieties to cluster them in vases of varying heights and shapes to set the mood right. The color for St. Patrick’s Day party is green and cabbage is the food associated with the holiday. Use cabbage bowls to display your fresh flowers, add a touch of wheat grass to get green into your festivities.

Graduation party

Have a beach vacation theme party with tropical flowers like hibiscus and bougainvillea to celebrate your accomplishments and reward for hard work.

4th July celebration

Use white spider mums, silver mylar, glitter coated dried grass in different sizes to spice up your Independence celebrations in Red, white and blue colors. Use eye-catching accents to give the party an exploding boost.

Halloween party

Add floral foam to the pumpkins to make them into festive vases. Mini pumpkins can become candle holders. You can consider decorating pumpkins with shiny beads or thumb tacks to give a glitzy vibe.

Birthday parties

You can choose the classic colors Silver and gold for milestone birthdays and colors like red orange and lime to create a groovy vibe with flowers. Make your own flower arrangements with flower stems in jelly and leaving the petals above the rim. Surrounding the containers with candles, gives the whole arrangement a psychic charm.

Super Bowl party

Whatever the color scheme, green grass and flowers can give your super bowl party a creative kick-off. Cover the table with flat wheat grass so that it looks like a playing field. Use old leather footballs with floral foam to arrange flowers. Display the hallmarks of your favorite team’s city to put the guests in the mood to cheer.

Bridal showers and engagement parties

Feature the bride’s favorite flowers in mixed bouquets around the room and in centerpieces for the dining area. Make a visual reference to a story behind the proposal or the bride-to-be’s ring. For a beach wedding, mix seashells into the floral décor. Now that the room reflects the bride’s taste, don’t forget the groom. Include the groom’s favorite flowers at the rehearsal dinner.

Try ceramic pots filled with curly willow, Algerian or English Ivy overflowing at the base at the entrances.

For the centerpieces, use three or four branches of curly willow in a glass cylinder filled halfway with small pieces of frosted glass.

Consider adding romantic floral touches to the whole decoration with rose petals sprinkling on tables, edible flowers in the punch bowl, floral cake or cupcakes next to the real desserts and a petite hand tied bouquet for the bride.

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