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Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Shopping flowers for men can be challenging, because flowers are considered feminine. But gifting fresh flowers or potted plants can be an original take on gift giving. Browse our gift suggestions below, all with him in mind. Choose flowers for men with stronger shapes and bolder colors. Tropical flowers and plants are good choices for men. There are plenty of blooms with right color, fragrance and texture to suit the tastes of men. Another bonus is that everyone who shares his space at home or at the office can also enjoy the beauty of the fresh flowers.

Send your husband, son, brother, uncle, grandpa, a gift to congratulate him on a promotion, to say "get well soon", to celebrate your anniversary or Father's Day.

Bird of Paradise

Also known as the Crane flower, this flower is sleek and has angular form like that of a bird. And its bright bursts of purple and orange give the Bird of Paradise a feeling of strength, confidence and calm.


This bold, bright flower always gets attention. A bouquet of ranunculus in red, yellow or orange is ideal for a special man for any occasion. Resilient and restorative, it’s a long-lasting flower. An unforgettable gift for any special gentleman.


This flower is named after the mythological figure Proteus, who had the ability to alter his appearance. It is one of the most diverse flowers with more than 1,400 varieties to choose from. You are sure to find many combinations which are just right for the men in your life.


These classic flowers will be sure-fire hits, because they are the floral equivalent of a great big hug. They are cheerful and regal, sunflowers have captivated people since ancient times. Consider a sunflower when you want to celebrate a happy occasion.

The Orchid flowers can last for up to four months, making them truly memorable gifts. With more than 100 varieties, heights, sizes and colors, there’s an orchid to suit one’s personality or taste. They're classy and tasteful gifts that even men will be unable to resist.

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