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Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Just like birthstones, did you know that there are birth flowers with special significance. So, if you want to add a personal touch to a flower arrangement for a special person, you can take our advice.

Read on to find out which flowers suit your loved one and which flowers are uniquely theirs.

January: Carnations

Carnations represent pride, beauty, admiration and gratitude, fascination, distinction and divine love. The flowers soft petals conceal a hard core- an appropriate paradox for January born people.

February: Iris

Symbolizing faith, valor and wisdom, Iris flowers also signify friendship, hope, and passion. This flower comes in shades of blue, purple, yellow and white.

March: Daffodil

Daffodil symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. This March birth flower promises happiness and joy when presented in an abundant bouquet.

April: Daisy

Innocence, purity, and love that conquers all. This April birth flower epitomizes childlike joy and playfulness and captures the essence of spring’s happy-go-lucky, forever young attitude like the people who are born in April.

May: Lily

The white Madonna Lily symbolizes virtue, the lily of the valley conveys humility and sweetness. The May birth flower, Lily, expresses purity of heart, majesty and honor.

June: Rose

Originating from the Latin word Rosa, which means red, Rose is the birth flower for June and symbolizes Love, Passion, beauty and perfection.

July: Delphinium

The July birth flower symbolizes an open heart and ardent attachment. The gentle hues and refreshing fragrance of this summer birth flower has a distinctive natural beauty and signifies a feeling of lightness and levity. A Centerpiece with delphiniums, roses and hydrangeas are the perfect gifts for the July born.

August: Gladiola

Though the sword shaped stems of the Gladiola imply Roman Gladiators, its beautiful flowers can pierce a heart with their beauty. The Gladiola represents strength and moral integrity.

September: Aster

This September birth flower is known as a talisman of love and an enduring symbol of elegance with their lush texture, rich hues and wildflower beauty. Asters are believed to have magical powers, when burnt their perfume could drive away evil.

October: Marigold

Vibrant and colorful, with a late-harvest warmth and a broad open bloom, marigolds signify affection and grace, and were used by statues of the Virgin Mary. As cut flowers Marigolds do not survive for long, so send Marigold blooms on the potted plants.

November: Chrysanthemum

Signifying optimism and happiness, Chrysanthemum flower has a special place in Chinese and Japanese cultures. It is considered perfect and are used as an object of meditation.

December: Poinsettia

The poinsettia plant symbolizes good cheer and merriment, and a fitting tribute to December’s joyful celebrations. Also called the Christmas flower, the Poinsettia’s are the perfect red blooms for the December born.

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